Dezzy propped himself up on the pillow as Bonnie stepped out of the bath. Wrapped in her towel she crossed the room to her dresser and dropped the towel exposing her almost perfect behind. Gritting his teeth Dezzy thought hard about what he wanted to say and how he would say it. There was no room for mistakes and he required a lot of attention Bonnie had not been giving him lately.

Rubbing his hands together he pulled the courage from his throbbing manhood and spat it out. “What do you think about a threesome.”

Bonnie turned and stared at her husband as if he had lost his mind.

“Are you serious?” She asked still trying to comprehend his request.

“Come to bed and let’s dicuss it.”

Bonnie didn’t move.

” I just think we should do something different.”

Bonnie said nothing.

“Say something”

The words would not leave her lips as the ignition ignited the fire within her. Dezzy had no idea he awoken her fire, a flame she could not out with any liquid or foam. No, this flame was burning bright within the center of her core wanting more and she had the right person for the perfect blend of chocolate.

Rising from the bed Dezzy shrugged “It was just a suggestion.”

“Should we do this. I mean..” her lips quivered as she spoke his eyes examining her every move as he moved closer.

Placing his finger upon her lips silencing what he imagined was doubt he kissed her deeply.

Pressing her palms upon his chest she sighed. “If we do this, we do it on my terms.”

Smiling broadly he stepped back and placed his hand beneath his chin ready for a challenge.

“You got it.” He agreed eagerly.

Thinking carefully Bonnie selected her words one by one.

” Do you have someone in mind?”

“As a matter of fact I do.” Bonnie grinned.

Clyde was her little secret, a 5ft seven goddess with skin that radiated youth she was everything Dezzy wasn’t.

Waving her hand Dezzy shook her head. ” My terms remember.”


Anticipation made his manhood ache for some attention as she moved across the room her nakeness tuanting him. Picking up her phone Dezzy typed fast.

“Who you texting.”

“You will see.”




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