Once upon a time, there was a young man name Lewis who fell in love with a girl from the other side. Fair skinned with jet black hair Denise was the only daughter of a stock broker and the apple of her mothers eye. .
In love and lust she had only one wish, to become at one with Lewis but to hr despair she knew herwish would not be forfilled. There was no way they would agree to her marrying the son of a teacher who live on the other side of their world. .
Denise thought long and hard about what she should do. .
It took some time but Denise made a plan, no matter what she was going to get her man.
Creeping through the house in the dead of night she jumped in fright for at the door she saw her fathers broken heart. Dripping with blood, still beating with perfect rhythm it halted her wanting feet.
There was something stopping her, holding her back screaming retreat- How could she do this to her parents, who had done so much?
Retracting to her room she settle there alone even after her parents were gone. For Lewis life had brought him a wife and children but he had never forgot Denise or the love they shared.
Returning years after her death he lay a white rose upon her grave his heart heavy with regret. “This is the future no one knows.”



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