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It has been a while, the creative juices are flowing but, there is this thing called life. Please feel free to comment on any post! Interaction is always respected and appreciated. Xx


Have you ever read a book that took you breath away as it retells your own experiences?

The literary world is so vast and diverse that the possiblity of finding similarities to your own life seem thin.

How interesting would a book based upon your life be?

However, a writer can write your life without ever meeting you. For a writer ot is this connection with the reader that makes sleepless nights worth it. For an author the greatest feeling is when you have connected with a reader on a personal level. To be able to unintentionally connect with readers and empower them in some way is not art, its magic.

As human beings we all face hardships and despair at some point in life but we also have good times and great memories. An although we dance through our own narrative each conquering moment can empower another.

© W O R D B E R R Y .

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