Trapped in emotions that don’t console me, I cannot continue in this depair.”
He rolled his eyes against the words he refused to hear. “I want this to be over! Can’t you hear?”
“This moment is the one I feared.” He whispered in my ear. “This distant between us is so unfair.” His lips caressed my neck as he moved a strand of my hair, before he contniued ” You need me near!”
Shaking his manipulation from my mind I spat with such venom. “I’ve done my time, criminals get less time. Behold the bonds from which I have broken free.” Although no exsistant and the scars imaginary I could see the marks on me.
“You” he snarled “will always need me. I made you into who you are, without me you will never go far!” A smild of satisfaction crossed his lips as he slid his hand around my hips.
It was then I uttered a cry I couldn’t deny which was filled with amusment
“You think I am a tree that you bent, fair not.” I said. ” My roots stretch further than the confines of your bed or the messages you teleport into my head. ”
I watched his face turn red.
“Go then.” He said with a sense of dread. “You will be back.”
He chuckled deeply. “That’s a fact!”
I carried one foot forward never looking back. Then the another wondering how it had been so easy to stop satisfying others and pleasing me. .
. © W O R D B E R R Y
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