Stripped naked, completely bare I was at their mercy. Captivated by their wandering eyes my body release endorphins and secrecreations of sweet juices from between my thighs. I inhaled and I clenched my fist tightly as they approached masked and erect.

Space had been depleated, warm air blowing upon my nipples as one lowered their face to my bosom suckling with anticipation. I moaned unable to contain such delightfulness still maintaining a steady gaze at my other companion engrossed by the feasting than had descended beyond the navel and deep between another pair of warm lips.

The restraints held me tight no room for manovere it was this moment, this orgasmic instant that called me back fo the confines of this seedy foundation. The – intenseburstOfOh. My legs danced as my walls came crashing down only the other would allow it. Spinning me around my bottom exposed in the air I whispered his name intenting to beg him for mercy only I didn’t want any.

Breath seemed alien as I struggled to maintain a steady breathing pattern while he stroked my back, slid his hand beneath my stomach before taking a long stroke down and inserting his fingers into my wetness. Soft whispers bounced off the walls as he spanked me to the brink of exstacy holding my orgasm at the tips of his fingers.

There were four hands now roaming my body like hungry red ants in search of a tiny drop of blood. I allowed them to feast upon my body, no longer concerned with the watching eyes behind the closed door and two way mirror I opened wider with greed, devouring my prizes until they had satisfied my need. Vino was a lovely man without the ability to stand to attention. I was a young woman with needs and a rich husband who would bare no shame.

Between the walls of Vinos Mansion I could do anything but in public I was nothing more than Vinos wife. Soon all that would change. Freed from my bind my body pulsating with love marks and orgasmic ripples I stepped out naked and sexual satisfied.

There he stood like a faithful puppy awaiting his master.

“Must you insist on humiliating me?” He whined painfully.

Tutting I snapped. “If you insist I stay in this marriage Vino I dhould be allowed some sort of satisfactory assests.”

He stared at me sadly uttering a mantra I have heard a million times.

“I will never let you go.”

“Than you better pay the men and tip them too their service was astounding.” I chuckled. “Free me Vino and this nightmare will be over.”

I could feel his eyes watching me with every step and I’m sure I heard the faint whisper – over my dead body.


. © W O R D B E R R Y


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