Sneak Peak : Royalty

“Can you be trusted True.” May whispered.
“Of course.” She gushed excitedly “Ok listen very carefully True because all our lives depend on it. ” her eyes darted acrossbthe room before landed back on True. ” There are three things you must keep to yourself.”
True leaned forward and clasped her hands tightly anticipating the nuggets of knowledge being hand fed to her slowly. “You see, it is vital for a new lady in waiting to know that she must never, never get too close to the King.” Her voice raised a little and her eyes streched beyond their normal limits. “I mean never, the Queen will feed your head to the hidden dragon and drink your blood in her morning tea.”
True gasped as the illicit thoughts of King Jovian exploded inside her head. Fear of her thoughts being interpreted kept her focus on the conversation at hand. “You must never reveal your true identity ever. ” Gripping her shoulders May dug her nails deep enough to dent her flesh. “And you must never, ever speak the forbidden language. Do you understand?” True nodded, grimacing through the pain. “Ok.” Releasing her grip as quickly as she has grabbed, May stood upright and dusted of her fresh white robe before strolling towards the door. ” One day you will retain the throne and bring sunlight back to the darkness, but for now you must do everything you are told otherwise we all die in the name of Truth.”
. © W O R D B E R R Y
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