R E L E A S E M E .
He held my hand tight staring into my eyes telling everything I wanted to hear. The increasing heat in his presence was not unusual niether was the tone in his voice; barely above a whisper casting spells over my heart as each word rippling beneath my flesh. A cold breeze passed through his lips as his kissed the top of my head with affection before looking at me with that famaliar look in his eyes.
“You understand don’t you?” He asked.
I didn’t but what could I say, how could I change the rules that bound my heart to his. .
“Say something!”
My lips parted and my tongue danced a little before stopping dead and landing heavily at the bottom of my jaw. .
” Its not the right time.” He gushed as convincingly as his lies would let him. .
“It never will be.” I utter, my own voice as deceiving as his loving whispers. “This is the end and we both know it!”

The words poured from my lips, constructed from my mind but, not from my heart. …
“Don’t be so rash!” He snapped, unable to comprehend my words. “Your not making any sense! I am not going anywhere!”
I watched his shoulders straightened and his jaw tightened as I realeasd my hand from his grip. .
“No I am! I’ve played by your rules and you keep winning. I am past waiting for your to grow up and be a man. We are finished.” ….
I couldn’t stop the river of tears trailing from my eyes as I attempted to walk away. Gripping my arm with force he pulled me backwards into his arms. ….
“I love you!”
“I loved you too. But love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t lie and true love never dies.”
Slowly he realeased me and my captured heart.
. © W O R D B E R R Y
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