A sharp taste cut through her senses like a dagger as she swirled the cool liquid around her tongue. The sparkle beneath her irises ignited her fiery flame as she inhaled the aura of love. Thadius would see her now, in her true form, he would fall in love with the vision only she possessed. Brushing a stray strand from her brow she tucked it neatly into her bun before exiting the bathroom. The partying guest basked in laughter and music under the influnce of good wine oblivious to magic happening within her. Spotting him at the bar she strode confidently towards him with a radiant smile. Tapping his shoulder she awaited the look of adoration, the electricity of phyiscial chemistry but to her horror he recoiled in digust. .
Her heart shattered like broken glass as he backed away in fear. People stared and pointed as he screamed wildly pointing at her with terror in his eyes. Something was very wrong. Looking across the bar at the glass mirror she could she nothing extremly different in her appearance. Suddenly, beside her a presence sucked out the air and words travelled to her ear.
“Those who search for true love find it! Those who deceive are denied it.”
Suddenly the glass distorted an a vision of extreme ugliness appeared as a laughter cackled behind her. .
“Behold the vision of your love!” The witch squealed delightlifully.
. © W O R D B E R R Y
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