The only way to deal with a problem was head on and that is what I was about to do. Graham had been having an affair for the past year, freely frolicking like a teenager in love. Forgotten while I milled about like a faithful puppy sleeping on the edge of his masters bed I had buried myself in the middle of diapers and formula. An even the curse of saggy breast, sleepless nights and an unfaithful husband wouldn’t be the end of me. Cupping my breast, sucking in my stomach I grinned cheekily. Sliding into the red crotchless satin thongs with a neat black bow on the back my clean shaven puss winked. Attaching the matching red bra I checked my reflection once more with a glint in my eye.

“What’s all that for. ”

Spinning on my heels I fringed surprised shock.

“I’m not sure that’s any of your business. Since work is at the fore front of your mind.” He lowered his head as I knew he would.

Seating myself on the edge of the bed slowing rolling the stockings up my thighs I waited for him to leave.

“Why must you do this Delilah. ”

Innocently I covered my mouth while my intentions tingled the creases of my thighs.

“I’m going to fix the fridge, I was meant to do it two weeks ago.” Fanning him away I applied the red rouge I had saved for special occasions.

The wardrobe a paradise of garments held my gaze until a chill filtered down my spine. Ice, cold and wet sliding its way downward. Moaning unintentionally I buckled. “Come here. ” He growled in my ear making my heart race as he carried me to the bed.

A cooler bucket of ice sat at the foot of the bed. He had come prepared.

” Stay there!” He ordered.

Obediently I laid back for what looked like a prime time. Shifting my legs so they were spread eagle giving him full view of moisten cavern, a wicked smile curled his lips as from behind his back he produced a large chip of ice. Trailing the cube decreasing with my heat sat at the top of my thigh, water slowly trickling into my own lake. Wriggling I tried to break free of the restraint he had upon my left ankle but, truley I didnt want to be free. Neglecting the ice between my legs to small puddle he leaned in close, his gaze somewhat lovibg yet hating me at the same time.

“Why do you insist on doing this!”

“You like this.” I laughed, happliy.

“I do.” He nodded gratefully

As I open wider letting he dwell between the crevices of my thigh, soaking up my river with vigour an anticipation. Not missing a single stroke he peeled the shirt from his back and stepped out of his trainers.

Sliding between my legs he let his tongue play were the ice had rested, licking the numbness from my swollen jewel. Cupping my buttocks, pulling me closer to the warm gulf his mouth created, his tongue curled around my precious path, flickering while my toes curled and the sheets crumpled.

“Push it in. ” I purred my vioce no longer my own.

Flipping my onto my stomach I raise my butt arched my back and excepted the thick shaft ridge with pulsating veins and moaned. Gripping my waist he applied pressure slowly before ramming his length to the hilt, groaning with agony and pleasure I rocked on his manhood like a trained jockey.

Easing my feet off the bed he slide deeper than I had ever imagine rubbing my G spot with an intention to prove he had won but I was far from finished.

“Put me down and lay down.”

Smirking he rounded the bed and lay on the other side.

“We both can play games Delilah.”

Rolling my eyes I turn my back to him with a word and saddled his manhood. Pulling myself upwards I slid downwards letting my clitoris kiss his balls for good luck as I proceeded to ripple my waist.

“Slow down.” He pleaded.

holding onto my waist preventing my movement he knees buckled and his toes leaned forward.

“Your a dangerous woman Delilah.”

“You better be a hungry man.” I replied as J slid of his deflated manhood leaned back on the bed back and opened my thighs.

“Time to eat.”

It wasnt long before I came delightlifully, Leaving him to shower I lay back on the bed an considered my earlier woes maybe Graham wasn’t so bad after all. Kissing him softly before he walked through the door his work unfinished I returned to my love den unable to scrape the smile off my lips.

Straightening the bed my orgasm rinsed from my body but still glowing in my face I heard the heavy footsteps in the passage way and tucked in the last corner. With a quick spray of my chanel perfume I greeted my husband as I always did conservativly dressed with a bright smile and kiss on the cheek.

A strange whiff caught my nose as he moved past me and I knew he had been with her. The musky sweet smell overrid my airy scent and it was as if I could smell her every where.


Tutting he dropped his bag on the ground and removed his blazer revealing a lipstick stain on the back of his collar. “Did he come?”


I was confused, the audacity of this man, the nerve- I will show him

“My brother. To fix the fridge. ” He tutted.

“Oh yeah he just came. ” Retreating downstairs to the kitchen I giggled like a naughty school girl as the broken fridge light flickered. Tommorrow I will be a meeting his father for lunch…..

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