I don’t fit your perception of the normal.
But what is your normal.
I don’t always smile, nor am I always full of beans
But every day I’m a muther – fucking queen
Aint no jewels that can crown me
To make me royal
That blood line was already sown from sweat and soil.
I may have some bad days but I always shine
Even if it is only in my own mind.
See living up to your expectations is not my destination
your validation is unrefined, unwanted
and rassclart declined
Standing akimbo before me in your glass house
Quivering at stones like a trapped mouse.
Unable to see your own shit to busy shifting through the bones of skeletons that dont belong to you
Judging my apperance because it doesn’t fit your view
Who the fuck are you.
See the plane I rest upon is higher than planet sheep
I stand on my own fucking feet.
Get off my back with your rules and regulations
Except me in my own vibrations

Published by

Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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