Waiting patiently she rose from the bed slowly. She had never seen anything like it. The sheets felt like satin and even the carpet felt like it had several more layers than the one in her own home. Last night she had no time to admire her surroundings, but in the morning light she had woken in paridise. Careful not to make a sound she padded across the floor and opened the door slowly. The sound of footsteps propelled her back to bed as if she had never moved. He entered with a smile on his face and a tray in hand. Steam rise from the mugs of sweetness he carried carefully.

“Morning Sweetness.” She stirred slowly before opening her eyes.
“I thought you might like this.”
Offering her a steaming mug before placing the tray on the side table.
Settling on the side of the bed he picked up the other and brought the heat to his lips.
“Are you going to say something!”
She looked at him with welcoming eyes and smiled. “I cannot believe this is real!” She gushed.
“Does it matter.” She looked at him quizzically before placing the mug back on the tray.

“What do you mean!”
“Will you love me for richer or poorer, is gold all you see.”
Glasping his face with her palms she pulled him close.
“Nothing, I mean nothing will stop me from loving you!”
He searched her face for lie before placing his lips on her own.
“Thats perfect because I’m not who I said I was. ” her arms dropped from his shoulders her lip quivered and her eyes squinted. “My name is Lord Harrison the third.”
“I lied.”
“I get that.” She snapped.
“Your upset.”
“Are you serious!”
“Most girls would be happy.”
Slipping off the bed she grabbed her skirt off the chair and stepped inside its circumference before shuffling the latex material upwards.
“I’m not most girl’s. Why would you lie any way. Who wants to claim the hood when they got all this.” She yelled.

“This isn’t me, I was born into this life. Your what I choose!”
“So your gonna move in with me, my mum , my gran and my brother’s.”
He looked away ashamed.
“Exactly. So Lord whatever the fuck uour name is go find you a Lady and stay our of the hoid where real bitches live.”
“Real bitch. Your as fake as me, uni classes at night hood rat by day.”
She crossed the room in a split second and slapped him so hard his eyes watered. “Dont you ever speak to me again.”
” What you gonna do? Shank me!”
Her lip trembled, tears rolled from her eyes and a pain exploded inside his chest.
“Stay in your lane Rich boy and I will stay in mine.”

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