A ripple of liquid travelled across the circumference of the glass and the ice settled on top.

“Thank you.” She gushed gratefully.

“Your welcome Mrs Robinson.” He grinned, before sliding her currency off the bar.

Her eyes draped across his shoulder, the bulky blur still unclear she knew it was him. Butterflies fluttered an died as she sipped the ice cool liquid outing the fire burning in the center of her chest. The a sight in the mirror called her attention with each powerful stride carrying him closer to her heat only she wanted one last drink.

“Cheers.” She toasted the air.

The tiny hairs on her neck stood to attention as a crisp scent of cologne she didn’t reconigse bloomed around her. A heavy hand upon her shoulder creating a ripple between her thighs.
“Mrs Robinson your under arrest.” His voice sounded like bullets. Even as her core rattled from the proverbial bullets she remain still. Only her beating heart and her blood moving through her viens hadn’t halted.
She had never wanted to believe he would betray her or deceive her but he was just like the rest. They had all been too content with loving her the wrong way.

He had been watching her for a while, gathering information she was only just privy too. But, he had been foolish and she had been niave.

Lights flashed and a flurry of excitement rose fron the bar patrons as they were unexpectedly ushered from the Pink Palace. She had expected them much sooner, but now would do. Placing the glass on the table she slide her hand between her thighs.
“Don’t move.” He ordered.
The voice that once had eased her pain, motivated her morning and stolen her heart had turned to venom. Pulling the tab she released the weapon and spun to face her nemsis.

“I loved you.” She whispered through her unruly tears trickling down her face exposing her pain.
“Put the gun down.”
“You was my forever.” She sobbed. “You tricked me.”
“Mrs Robinson you need to put down the weapon.”
“I do.” Closing her eyes she pulled the trigger with remorse.
He was her weapon, the one stabbing at her heart and killing her softly. Dropping the smoking gun upon the floor she exhaled as her weapon fell lifelessly to the ground…… .

© W O R D B E R R Y


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