The blood dripped from her fingertips like drops of rain from the roof top. Looking down at her bloodly hands she smiled broadly; they deserved it, each and everyone of them……


It was coming up to the final hour and Lylas dress had been attached to her skin like glue. Holding her bouquet before her admiring the diamantes glittering in the light she paused at the door.

“You ready.?” Shay whispered.

“As I will ever be.”

Stepping through the open door she took a deep breath and walked towards her future.

Shutting the room door Shay grabbed the vibrating phone from the counter and answered sharply.

“What do you want?….No I didn’t tell her…..well thats down to you!”

Hunging up Shay slipped on her shoes and stuffed her phone into her clutch. Pulling open the room door she took a step forward before she felt an unwanted presence.

“Do you plan it or something?”

Claire lowered her gaze attempting to hide her shame and disgrace.

“Well.” Shay snapped.

“Look can we go inside.” Claire requested politely.

“If you enter this room alive Claire you will not leave it breathing.”

Looking up Clarie display her bruised face and shrugged. Stepping back Shay reeled with disgust.

“He never!” She exclaimed.

Dropping her cluth to the floor she clasped claires battered face in her hand an inspected the purple stakns that marred her caramel colour skin.

“I waited until she left but I have to tell her. Tell her who she is married is not the man I know ”

Shay tutted clicking her teeth repeatly.

“Last night was the last straw. ”

Cupping the vase in her palm Shay gripped it tightly.

“People need to know what he’s really like.”

Slamming the vase on the back of Claire’s skull she winced as a loud crack ommited from Claire’s body as it tumbled to the floor.

Lylas feet hit the ground with every beat as she begun her journey down the aisle. Rome had promised her the world without limits and today was the first day of their new life together. Rushing a few feet behind her Shay lifted the trail and caught her rhythm.


© W O R D B E R R Y
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