Savouring the sweet taste upon her lips she let her tongue clean the traces from her lips seductively.
Falcons’ eyes watched her intently as she placed the glass upon the table with fustration. .
“As we already dicussed Falcon this arrangement will not work.”
He said nothing sure to observe the tremble of her lips, the rapid movement of her chest. In all the years they had spent together he knew she was upset. .
“I cannot do this anymore. I mean, it is the same shit every year!” The words rolled off her tongue as sharp as lime cutting through his vision of hope. .
“What about people changing?” He asked.
She scoffed with a slight chuckle before reaching for her sugar encrusted glass once more .
“You think it is that easy to gloss over the fact that you have yet again forgotten.”
Taking his eyes off her he spotted the waiter approaching from behind giving hom his que. Standing Falcon straigthened his jacket before clearing his throat.
“Where are you going?” She quizzed.
The sound of a saxophone playing in the distance echoed in her ears as Falcon dropped to one knee. Instantly, every thing and everyone dissappeared as her body became light as a feather. .
“So will you?” Ten long years and three babies later they had overcome the worst. Every year she reminded him of their anniversary with subtle hint but this time he had been determined fo forget it, now she knew why. .
“Yes .” She squealed.
Holding out her hand she wept as the gold slid around her finger. .
“I may forget our anniversary but I will never forget how much I love you.” Standing to his feet his heart expanded as she clasped her engaged arms around his neck and kissed him with love. .
© W O R D B E R R Y
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