Dripping wet with the scent of Christmas turkey and Malt Wine washed and rinsed from her pores she draped the robe over her nakedness. Christmas was finally over, her shoulders had finally relaxed and her feet had stopped throbbing.
An hour ago she was on the verge of committing a bloodly crime after the festive litter debacle. Before long the sound of silence prevailed, peace resumed within her household and the cake was calling her name. .
Slowly she padded down the stairs careful to miss the creaky step two from the bottom. Passing the front room her eyes danced at the sight of flowers and cake center stage on the table. .
In forty five minutes the clock would strike and another year would be added onto her life, the idea of aging scared her. Only one thing colud ease her birthday nerves, but she couldn’t; could she? .
Pulling the stool from under the counter she sat down and admired the cake embleshed with her age. “Forty never looked so good.”
Looking up at her husband she grinned. ” Come to bed.” He requested. “I can’t sleep. ” she replied with honesty.
Trailing her finger around the circumference of the base she heard the clatter of cultery. Knife in hand Jordan slit the seal and slide the cake from the box with ease. .
“We Shouldn’t!” She protested weakly already savouring the taste of chocolate on her lips.
“Hand it over.”
She looked away quickly , hiding her rosy cheeks in the shadows as she tried to hide the evidence. The metal clanking on the floor brought a loud chuckle from his lips that wouldn’t stop.
“Whats going on?” A sleepy Renee quizzed her 8 year old curisoity written all over her face.
Junior was right behind her his eyes bright like he had slept all night instead of and hour. “Pull up a seat Kids Mum needs to feed to Cake Monster.
Rubbing her swollen belly she giggled. ” Don’t worry baby you will be here soon to defend yourself.”


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