I V O R Y .

Laying upon the delicate blades of grass matured with the blood and sweat of her forefathers she smiled. The struggle was finally over and they had survived the tribulations that lead to overdue freedom from servitude. It was a pity Mama had passed before peace had commenced: God rest her soul.
Alongside her the tended grave that housed her mother comforted her tormented soul. Cloding her blue eyes she let the sun kiss her skin..
“Oh Mama, you should see us now!” The sound of a childish giggled and tickled her ears as Fredrick hopped over her feet oblivious to the tears falling from his aunts eyes.
“There was no more I could do Mama, she wanted to be free.” She sighed. “I can only hope you are together now.” She whispered sadly.
Rising from the ground she rubbed her hand across the healing earth to her left. The fractured soil had be heaved upon the coffin the colour of Ebony with and Ivory trim just yesterday. Ebony had drifted into despair her truth to much to bear. The warm tan in the summer, the cream glow in the winter had never faded, her husband often remarked. The birth of her son had told a tell she had never been told. Fredrick could not bear the shame or tbe sight o the bubbly brown baby that had his blood in its veins. .
Fredricks birth had been the deliverance his own mother had rebuked now he flourished in the feilds he had been named after. The marks of her hatred lay upon his skin in jagged scars but he had forgotten her face and the terrible memories of the weeks before. Her death had brought him peace and her living husband redemption from his disgrace. Standing she dusted off her white dress and called Fredrick near. Gripping his tiny palm she lead him up the path to their birthright, The Grover Plantation……….
© W O R D B E R R Y


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They tried to kill my vibe; I died, but I survived....

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