The huge bed was too big to climb so Polly lifted Ebony up high and sat her gently upon the satin spread. The smooth fabric slid between her fingers like a snake moving through grass leaving no trail of her fingertips.

Polly leaned in closed , the famaliar scent of fresh grass and burnt wood seeping from her pores. Each time she laid eyes on the child she tried to understand the enigma that had shrouded her heritage from prying eyes. The traces of slavery had bypassed her flesh and settled upon her twin with force. .
“You need to understand the rules now Ebony.” she said as Ebonys eyes danced around the large room. “You are not to refer to May as your Mama anymore, do you understand?” .
Pointing to the window Ebony whimpered softly. “Mama.” .
Slapping her hand down Polly glared at her angrily. ” No.” .
Ebony sobbed uncontrollably not understanding the change that was about to take place. The mistress had failed to bear a living heir and Ebony had be chosen. Skin the colour of clotted cream and hair as black as coal she stood apart from Ivory. Ivory had skin the colour of tree bark and eyes the colour of the sky. Polly had no doubts that Ebony would soon forget the feilds and hardship. .
“Mistress Fanny is your Ma- Ma”
She drug out the word as if she was ending a song. “Ma-maaa.” Ebony echoed . “Thats right.” She announced gleefully. ”Head up child you are about to become a lady.”
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