The journey through the streets of Amsterdam were so inspirational. Strolling through the quiet streets and small walkways discovered many delights in this wonderful country. As always some people are nice and some are rude.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were given a warm welcome and enjoyed our hotel room with an amazing view of the canal.

Travelling from the airporr to the hotel was one straight bus and thr travel tickets are purchase on a twenty four hour, forty eight hour and so forth system. Mobing through the city was made simple with the tram and bus system, however, do not depend on basic maps. Please save the time and use a more accurate source like google itself.

There is a strange pedestrian system that takes some getting use to but overall manouvering around the city is quiet easy.

TIP: There is a bike rental system if you fancy doing it like the locals.

Trust and believe that getting lost in Amsterdam is not a funny situation as my girls would tell you. I walked until my heels were bloodly and IBS kicked in thanks to a local kebab. ( disclaimer: We keep it REAL over here.. REMEMBER: Be careful what you eat!.)

I can laugh now but boy was a crying then!

(Big up my homies who rubbed my back through the rough times.)


Back to the beautiful sights of Dam.


There were so many green areas and waterways. Some of the canels streched through miles and miles with and air of romance this is a perfect couples getaway.From the old buildings to the water canals and the small alley ways that lead to hidden delights like the Sex Museum, Bodyworks, Madame Tussands and KFC…Hmmmm.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: There is not much difference in currency so be prepared to spend hundreds of Euros to explore the country fully.

Amsterdam is very rustic and refreshing with its vintage buildings, cobble stone square. I enjoyed my visit but I was ready to say Vaarwel. (Farewell) to Amsterdam and return ot the comforts of home.


That was Amsterdam and Me



Look out for Amsterdam And W@%D



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