Sliding his lips across her lower ones he teased them open with his eager tongue. Cupping her buttock he pulled her closer sinking deeper between the folds of her flesh clamping her pulsating pusle between his lips. Her body opened, her legs sliding further across the frame as he worked his way to her orgasm. Pushing his head away from her rain she leaned in pushing him backwards.

“No, you don’t!” He teased.

Seated he pulled her upwards and led her to the dresser.

“People can see.” She blushed bashfully before preparing for his precise drilling.

“Bend over.” He ordered.

Inserting his girth between her thighs he pulled her backward her arse cheeks kissing his hips. The sound of skin slapping filled the room as she squirted all over his feet repeatedly. Gripping her ponytail he spin her 90 degrees her breast against the cold window as he bent his knees and ploughed upwards blowing her mind.

Five hours later Molly fast asleep Pedro treaded quielty, with the delicacy of a fairy. Gathering his scattered garments he slid on his jeans before glancing across at Molly. Pulling up his zip slowly he cursed the natural sound if grating metal. He had told hinself he wouldn’t do this again. – fuck.

The last few months had been a whirlwind of events and sleepless nights. Emily had been extremly patient and her eagerness to please made him assess the hole he had dug them into. Molly was beautiful but he truly wanted it to work with Emily.

Buttoning his shirt he heard a familiar ruffle of sheets and paused for a moment. A minute of silence past and the room was still once more. Opening the door he past through the opening undetected , he thought.

The sight of him leaving always broke her heart a little but today wais different. Waiting until the door shut before opening her eyes she caressed his cooling space on the bed. Since Emily had given birth he had become distant and if there was any time she needed him it was now. Rising from the bed she rushed to the window to catch a glinspe of him leaving but she was too late. Trailing the cold glass that had soaked up her heat hours before she smiled. When he knew the truth he would have to make a choice and she was certain it would be her. They had history, Emily had enchanted him with her exquiste looks but he loved her, she was certain. Turning she screamed so loud her blood chilled.

Stepping back Emily clutched the baby carrier on her chest as if it would fall from fright “You act like you seen a ghost.”

“H..ho…how did you get it here!” She stammered.

Holding up a key Emily frowned. “I thought you may have needed these.” Throwing the keys over Molly caught them in one hand. ” You left them at mine. Is this a bad time.”

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