O R A N G E J U I C E & W A F F L E S

Splashes of sunlight danced across the walls highlighting the guilt staring back at her in the mirror. Although she had awaited his arrival anticipated his touch she had forgotten one thing. Slipping her feet into her shoes she stood with a glance at her reflection. .

“Was you just going to leave?” He sat up, propped against the pillow awaiting her answer.

She attempted to speak but just like a sorcerer he had captured her in his spell and left her speechless. He rose letting the covers fall of his body, each stride towards her taking her breath away.
“Don’t do this!” He whispered. “I won’t lose you again.”
Letting his hand caress her neck she parted her lips to meet his before a sharp tap on the door halted their passionate embrace and the rhythm of her heart.
“It’s only room service!” SmilIng she released his hand and admired his broad shoulders as he strolled to the door. “Orange juice and waffles right?”
© W O R D B E R R Y
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