“I cannot believe you had a baby.” Molly gushed.
A trail of her perfume wafted past my nose as strolled past the bed straight towards her target swaying beside me. As she buried her head into the moses basket inspecting my baby with keen eyes I watched as her cheeks rippled; her lips strech into a broad smile and my heart swelled with pride. It had taken nine whole months, but a master piece had been created, timeless and well formed. The minature features resembling my own, the wrinkles of a wise soul all embedded in my perfect little bundle.
. “He’s beautiful Emily.” She gushed, still unable to comprehend her new duties.
“Hold him!” .
Mollys eyes danced across the room as she looked from me to him with willing eyes and pocket bound hands. Stepping away from the angelic source she exited the room swiftly.
Alone with an air of content and a mind at ease I closed my weary eyes. Clearing her throat Molly handed me a delightful beverage, it’s colour the blend of pineapple and freshly picked mint
“I can’t.”
“Its alcohol free.” She assured me. .
“And yours!” I quizzed.
Grinning happily she sipped the liquid gingerly “Laced with the finest Vodka.”
“First day as a God Parent and you are already on the bottle.” Laughing so hard I forgot the peaceful calm until a finger halted my amsuement.
“Shh you’ll wake the baby.” She scolded………….

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