She sipped her drink with reservation before placing her glass on the table the taste of liquor coating her lips. It had been a while since she had wanted to venture beyond the confines of her own four walls but he had convinced her this was right. Crossing her legs she suveryed the resturant with eager eyes..
“Looking for me!” .
He stood behind her, his silhouette darkening the table, silent words leaving her lips as her hands trembled wildly. Inhaling the scent of Hugo Boss hoovering above her she focused her gaze on the furthest table.
“You look amazing!” He complimented.
Every syllable from his lips kissed her skin. This moment had been a fantasy, a never never but here he was alive and well. Unable to rip her gaze from across the room she inhaled deeply.
“You came!” She managed.
Reaching out his hands steadied her trembling fingertips.
“It’s been a while.” The space between them became smaller as he leaned in for an embrace. Inhaling his scent while basking in his warmth her eyes remain closed for fear he would dissappear.
———W I L D B E R R I E S ——–

© W O R D B E R R Y


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