So I have begun a writing Challenge on Instagram, I thought I would follow up on WordPress.

So threes days into december this is my December dailys.

Enjoy …

NOTE: If you know of any other writing Challenges COMMENT BELOW


DAY 1: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or none of the above? .
For me Christmas is family time that causes the most stress in preparation but is always one of the B E S T days of the year. However, K W A N Z A A is just as important for me. Cultural tradition is important for educating the next generation in their history and lineage. .

© W O R D B E R R Y


DAY 2: What are your writing goals as this year comes to a close?
To conclude 2018 .
-I intend to finish two projects I have been working on for a international publishing house.
-In addition I aim to self-publish a project.
Wish me luck!!!

. .© W O R D B E R R Y


DAY 3: Introduce your main character in your WIP (or your favourite of the year.)
Well, my debut book follows the journey of Ice Matthews, a married woman with a single husband. Ambitious and driven Ice find herself lost in the battle of love and her husbands lies. Only Ice survives the internal war; Triumphant over her demons she rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. … It’s only fair she gets the favorite of the year..
Click the link in BIO for a proper introduction to Ice Matthews…….

© W O R D B E R R Y

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