R E A D M E: P A R T 2

M E R C Y L E S S …

Tayshan dailled his number frantically, her fingers skimming the wrong buttons more than once before the lock shifted and clicked. Stepping through the front door dragging his bike behind him Nathan sighed.Swallowing her distress she placed a smile over her frown and reluntantly stroded into his opened arms.
Rubbing her back he spoke above her head “You heard what happened den!” Dropping his arms he flopped into the sofa and tutted ” I almost died today, star!”
She willed her feet to move towards the bedroom but they wouldn’t, like a caged bird she was trapped “Yo you good Tay!” .
Searching for that smile she pinched her arm turned around to face him. “I’m good babe, its just sad that’s all.” .
“Tell me about it! Screw was like my brother in real life. Now..” his words dissappeared and a distant looked crossed over his face. “You going somewhere?” There was no need for her to look in the direction his gaze had fixated upon, she knew she had fucked up. “I was …” .
As he rose she closed her mouth and stood prepared. “So what you wasn’t even gonna tell man!” Crossing the floor and examining the cases she had lovingly packed he kicked them flat on the floor. “You know this ain’t happening right!” Six months she had planned this day to the finest detail, there wasn’t a day she hadn’t dreamt of a life without Nathan and the dangers of the street. Even though they were one and the same, Screw wanted different things, he had promised her a life away from the streets, away from Nathan and now he was dead she had no way out. .
“Let me go Nathan, I can’t do this no more!” She covered her mouth praying the words had not left her mind and travelled to his ears.
“Your not well! We just had a baby!” He roared. “Screws been dead five seconds and now you want to up and leave!” Shaking his head he wagged his finger and chuckled. ” You know what; You can go but my son stays with me!”
“I’m so sorry Nathan” she wept her body shaking with fear but her truth pouring from her lips. ” He’s not yours!” .
The world stopped for a moment, his mouth instantly parched and the blood bubbled in his viens. .
© W O R D B E R R Y
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