So you come to hear me speak

Ok then, this wont be long have a seat.

I can hear you sighing in the back,

This aknt no once upon a time shit I can tell you that

But it is a message and thats a fact

See every day we all grow and age

Reading the book of life from a different page

Each day getting shorter and suddenly just like that years dissappear.

But then I look around this shit hole and I’m still here.

Lost in one stupid moment that has lasted forever

On pause, you know like the never, never.

Back in the day, boy I was that guy

Everything I owned pretty fly you would never know I couldn’t tell the time.

you could look at me and see health
admire my clothes and see wealth

But obscured by linen, disguised by women lays my spirt broken and obscence

Filled with regrets, harmed by neglet and you could not envision the struggle inside of me.

My path I walked, I’ve walked alone with little guidance to positively grow
I went to school, yeah

Dedicated too, even tried real hard to adhere their rules

Still discouraged and hard to get through

I couldn’t see past the all the bullshit in veiw

Teachers who favoured others, suppressing the brothers

So I skipped school with the others.

I aint even ashamed to say I ended up on the heap

I was bound by everything manifested to keep

me reduced to the level of zero
Only goal attainable to be my childrens hero
But still; Still I hunting the man inside

Who somehow died without me knowing

Only a shell growing

I swear all I ever fucking wanted to do was do well.
but no job, no food on the table

My baby mother was not able
to hear my multiplying excuses
Straight throwing up the dueces

When thkngs got rough

Couldnt even blame her because things then got tough.

What was the point of a man with no prospects or no future

She wanted a man that can do for her.

So guided by the hunger that fed me

Hitting the street if needs be

I did anything to feed my family

I thought those roads adored me as it embraced me with open arms

Didn’t even know that was part of the charm

When I got locked down everyone; gone

I would have done almost anything to put food on the table

For which I’ve been repeatly folded within a systematic stable.

No manual to ascertain how I work with the limited the tools provided
I wonder who fcking decieded.
That this was my fate
What I had do to fill this empty plate?
Still; Its to late
I would either end up in jail or dead
Well that is how I ended up on this bed;

Prison aint the place to be

Makes you dig real deep

Severes the restrains that strapped you to the streets

Makes you stand on your own two feet

Aint no love anywhere

But right in here

Buried between every fear

once you find the source everything is in there

That man I am

I found him there.

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They tried to kill my vibe; I died, but I survived....

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