Ana sat herself in far right corner. There would be no PDA or any conversation with the attending party, all she needed to do was make sure they had done everything right and she would be off it a flash. She knew she had forgotten one thing and she hoped they had the common sense enough to sort that out between them but Marcus would forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on.
Slowly the place filled with weeping and wailing as the family paraded down the aisle head low. Shaking her head she tutted, trust Darcy to have her skirt in her neck in the Lords house. Reaching for her handkerchief she remembered she was only here for one thing. Slowly she walked up the aisle glancing at the mourners with amusement.
The coffin was perfect , all white and glossly with silver trim she stepped upon the altar and stared down at her naked body an screamed.
“You crumby waster couldn’t even do that!.
Turning on the side light Marcus nudged his wife awake rubbing the interupted sleep from his eyes. “Whose a crumby waster?”
looking around the bedroom she remained silent for a moment.
“Marcus when I die don’t let them bury me naked.”
Confused Marcus shook his head. “Your nuts you know that. Go back to sleep!”
Laying awake in the glow of the side light Ana couldn’t sleep, she needed to make another list and it had to include a dress. Staring at the light there was no doubt in her mind she could possibly be buried naked.

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