What does it mean to be Black and British?


Where do I belong
Amist questions of “where are you from?”
The strange stares
Fingers in my hair
Its all long!
I have the answers
Not one they want to hear
If this woman dont take her hand out of my rass hair.
Shes waiting now
For a clear answer
Im looking at her like prancer
With a big red nose and antlers on her head
Thinking why didn’t I stay in bed.
I remain PC and said
Like I was well bred
“No, I mean what part of Africa you from?”
Now Im pissed off.
“We are not all African Miss although I can insist my forefathers were stolen from there. But like I said I was born here.!”
She wasn’t satifised she wanted more
Picking at my scab and making it sore.
She could never undstand the cultural battering
The earth shattering
Divide from roots
So I proceed to tell her the truth.
“I was born in this country it is my home
And that alone
My Lineage from another zone
A place I cannot call home
There I am a foriegner
A stranger in effect
It’s this I do not get
You want me to say I’m from the tropics when im not
Auld aung high
Is all I got
My culture stripped
By masters of slaves
My african history taken to the grave
My jamaican heritage null and void will migration
The was my stop british foundation”
With my british best accent I turn and say.
“Now have a good day, Mrs Kolwoslki.”
“I didn’t mean to be nosy.” she said her cheeks all rosy
By now I don’t care
I’m ready to dissapear
After I’ve just stripped my lack of culture bare
Checking if anyone esle could hear
Displacement lives here!

Back In The Day

As a youngster it was always a sore point of conversation to ask me about my heritage. Due to the tone of my skin it was alwasys assumed I was mixed raced or from some foriegn land. I was quite happy being black but I was shifted across barriers according to peoples perceptions of race and cultural ideologies. Identity is a crucial part of the teen years without it there is room for confusion and a permenant displacment within society.

It is import to educate your children and yourself about your family history and the path walked to get to you to this point.

Never forget your history and be proud of your heritage.

Spread culture as much as love..



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