She sealed the letter with the wet sponge and turned it over.
How many more would she write?
Not once had he responded to her strange lustful looks or her quick remarks meant to incite a conversation void of “How was your day?” or other useless conversation openers. Instead he ignored each one not knowing it would tear her heart apart. Looking down at her neat handwriting she sighed and picked the letter up with heavy regret. The sound of the paper ripping in two cut through the air like a knife.
How could he reply to love letters he never recieved?
Staring across the desk divide at her Man Crush Everyday she returned his small smile before he lowered his head and returned to work.
“Still writing those stupid notes Fay.” Bonnie giggled. ” Your so funny.”
“Not today Bonnie.”
“Well thats a shame since Cam just told me to give you this.”
Looking down at the small orange post-it her stomach filled with tiny butterflies.
“Aint you gonna read it.”
Shaking her head Fay tucked the paper beneath the keyboard and pretended to work. Once Bonnie had moved along she retrieved the paper and carefully unfolded the creases one by one. . .

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