Daisy rocked Bella gently as she sucked her thumb unaware of the fire brewing around her. Two days ago she had been happy and living on cloud nine only Fay had given her news she wished she had never heard.
Nathan walked through the door the scent of oil and sweat humming from his body in waves. “Alright love!” He called through the front room door.
Daisy pursed her lips and listened to the routine sound of tinkling filtering from the bathroom before the deep sigh of relief. “So how was…” he stopped in his tracks and looked from woman to woman.
“Hiya Nathan.” Fay piped up.
“What is going on?”
Standing Daisy looked at his face in search of his avoiding eyes and dared him to look at her.
“Daisy, I can explain!” Fay chuckled and Nathan growled. “What are you doing here!” He quizzed.
“I’ve come to tell you that you can have your job back. That is if you haven’t gained new employment.”
Nathan looked from his wife to his boss.
Looking at her watch Fay tutted “Well! I have other things to do.” She urged. “Yes or No.”
“He will be there 9 AM sharp.” Daisy answered curtly , her cheeks flushing red as she handed Bella to him. “Let me see you out.”
“No need I’m familiar with this house.” Fay smirked before leaving with the last bit of trust Daisy clung too.
The door slammed and Daisy faced him squarely. “So.”
Looking at Daisy for the first time since she gave birth his chest ached. Fay had been a huge mistake he couldn’t erase. Leaving Fays company had been his choice, nothing had prepared him for her attachment. They had agreed no strings attached but Fay had bound him with rope. Daisy was his true love but he had made a mistake and somehow he knew he would pay for it forever.
“I’m waiting Nathan.”
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