“Take my hand and let me lead you.”
“To where?” he asked, confused
. “Anywhere!” Looking back she looked deep into his eyes hoping he could read her thoughts. “Edward, do you trust me?”
He stuttered still reserved in thoughts of their forthcoming destination. “Sure!”
“Then take my hand and let me lead you!”
Through the opening she stopped beneath a tree still warm with the essence of summer cluthing unto its turning leaves. “I forgot this place!” He smiled taking in the beautiful tree limbs splattered across the ground. Spotting the dots of light from the sky peeking through the leaves as if playing a game.
“We were fun once.” He remembered his lips quivering as a cool breeze teased the hairs on is neck.
“Once.” She smirked. “Speak for yourself.”
He noticed the twinkle in her eye and the dimple he loved so much deepen in her left cheek.
“I’m forever 21.” She giggled happily. “I waited so long for you, I can’t let you go now.” She whispered in his ear as she him embraced him as light as a feather.
He closed his eyes and held onto the memories as her lips kissed his he inhaled her rose scented perfume, felt the wisps of hair graze his cheek and heard her voice as clear as day. .
“Dad.” Bella called. “There you are! Everyones waited for you.”
He nodded sadly and followed her back through the lovingly foot worn path and backt to the house.
Stepping through the patio doors he was reminded of her body encased in mahagony and silk, the earth covering her for eternity and let a tear fall. Mourners paid their respects as the night wore down and another day arrived without her. Walking up the stairs to the room they once share he smiled.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Edward.”
Taking her hand he let her lead him back into her arms.
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