Cori walked into the house and gasped, the floor was covered in red rose petals and a line of candles alongside the banister. Placing her suitcase at the door she stepped into the sensual dome removed her jacket then her shoes.
“Wes!” She called out into the silence.
Following the line of candles she paused at the top of the stairs a trail of music passing through the bathroom door.
“Wes!” She said more urgently before touching the door with the tips of her fingers nudging it open.
“I thought you would never come.” Settling in a bath of Milk Wes grinned. “Join me.”
“Wes, Honey we need to talk!”
The milk suddenly cooled as he placed the champange flute on the side.
“I’m leaving.”
Standing so fast the water rushed to the edge of the tub splling against her bare feet.
“Wait, Why?”
“I can’t share any more! I fed up of having to share with You!” She spat. ” I think we should think about where we go from here.”
“Have you lost your mind?” He stepped out of the bath dripping milk and stormed past her.
Removing her dress and panties she slipped into the warm milky bath and exhaled. The delights of the milky water slapping against her skin in small waves as she wriggled her feet. The bath was not big enough fo two.
Stomping back into the bathroom draped in a robe Wes stopped at the sink and chuckled.
“You win, No more Pranks.” He chuckled.

“Team Cori.” She giggled sinking her shoulders beaneath the liquid.

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