Do you remember how we use to laugh,
How you held my hand when we ran through grass.
Was there ever a moment you knew it wouldnt last?
This love we had now buried in the past!
I once held you dear
While lifetime commitment you feared
Now I behold the heart of another, You step forward as if it’s no bother!
Remind me of the stars you saw in my eyes while I only remmebr lies.
A stolen kiss and a lone butterfly
dissapeared like all the tears I cried along with lonely nights and lullabies.
I loved you once I cannot lie.
A tiny fragment deep inside.
Now another warms my heart, eases my legs apart and stares deep into the stars beyond my eyes.
My love he will not deny
Release me from your mind
As my happiness I find.
You will not reduce me to an insecure wreck, I’ve grown the last time I checked.
Your regrets are nothing, I dont owe you a thing
Forget your sorry and the undevoted love you claim to bring.
I have a love that makes my heart sing. My legs weak and my body melt, I was unaware of love until the truth i felt.
I rebuke your presence and our past, I found a love i know will last.

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