Tonight this was my scene. #Yardie @idriselba
I could watch this movie a million times. @amlameenbaby is a Brilliant actor who embodied the character whom he played extremely well.
True born Jamaican actors from films like #bettermuscome and others I cannot name off the top of my head filled the movie with a richness I have only seen in #shottas.
Gripping from Begining to End Jamaican culture is depicted within a beautiful settings that travels to the heart of England landing smack dab in the middle of Black british culture.
This movie displays the combination of roots that have grown from Windrush generation now cemented in Black british culture.
@Idriselba gets a STANDING OVATION from me and I hope it wins every industry award going.#puttingitoutthere

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    1. I thought the same thing. I am totally here for Jamaican culture to solidify itself into movies that show different representations of the culture and country. Authenticity is Key, and I think this was excellently executed.

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