There was a flutter in his heart as he reached for her hand, he had planned this well and wanted no mistakes. Her smile warmed his heart as she clasped her hand over his finger tips and rose to meet his lips. The earth sometimes shifted when their lips met thats how he had known she was the one. Looking down at her crown he waited until she lifted her head and her eyes met his before he spoke. “Will you marry me. ” Tears instantly sprung to her eyes as she understood his request. “I know what it will take but im willing.” He almost pleaded.
He could see her eyes flirting with indecisive intentions but beyond that he saw love. Even though Kingsley had tried to deter him from this moment he knew exactly what he wanted and it exisited beyond Harlot Hall. Kingsley was happy in the wealth and slimy confindements of gentry but he wanted real things. A childhood of untouchable ordaments and a future planned without him he had intended to rebel from birth.
Tasha was a beautiful accident, a perfect mistake he would never eradicate. She lay her head in his chest without any words before a small whisper he heard. “What did you say?” Stepping back she took a deep breath and replied. “Yes, I will marry you.” Pulling her back to the spot she vacated he squeezed her hoping she could feel his love. Her hand on his chest she wondered if their love would be enough…………

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