There was a significant moment when I looked at the ceiling and thanked God it was me in the bed beside him. Dwayne Carter was six foot tall with a slender build, hands of a giant and the face of an angel. Staring into his sleeping face I admired every perfection and imperfection, the curve of his lips, the small hair sprouting for a morning shawdow and his long eye lashes. The first time I had laid eyes on Dwanye I knew there was something tugging at ny chest but I had never know live to understand. The pitter patter of my heart had eased to a regular rhythm as he lay beside me snoring lightly spent from the night before. My bags piled in a corner, the terrible fight, everything had been revelead last night. There was no common ground or acceptance, my family hated him and despised me but somehow being reduced to this small room and the uncertainity of what if didn’t matter to me. A calm breeze blew through the open window and his eyes fluttered open staring into mine. I inhaled and smiled as he reached out cupping my neck and pulling me closer. As his lips touched mine I was certain it was all worth it.







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