Who Am I?

This is a question we all ask ourself at some point. You know, that povitol moment in life when the flood gates are open and your all alone.

I have done it believe me!

But when I analyse what the world is about today, the tag lines I have applied have greater power. It is important, a vital key to love ones self in return for the admiration of an other. To achieve this the discovery of who you are becomes paramount.

There are many moods of history that have built upon the past of our forefathers but in this beautiful century I still ask….

Who are we?

What have we provoked within history for the growth of the next generation. Living admist people who still think it is funnny to spit racist remarks at you on the street. What achievements for development have been created in order to improve the chaos that exists on the streets that minimises the potential of our youth. Too many incidents of premature death have seen the life expectancy fall and the crime rates rise but yet the aim is not include but to exclude unwanted baggage in favour of the high price totes.

So again I ask.

Who are we?

There has to be a dramatic change in the way we promote growth and unity within our communities. We need to nuture the young and encourage the ambitious to which point the question changes. Evolution promotes the question to

Where we going Next?





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