What is it that offends you?
Is it my skin that is black blue.
My broad nose or my full lips.
All these things from his hand I am equipped.
The kiss of melanin rich and pure.
I wear with pride,
Head held high.
I am sure.
Deep within the realms of Africa I walk
Untouched by western rules
I live and breath amongst untouched jewels.
Beauty cannot be defined by my skin,
my face,
my shape,
Or the unruly hair that exsists by the nape,
Of my neck,
it is respect,
Honour and class
As I stroll through high grass
Water upon my head,
children beneath my feet
I stand tall and not in defeat
By the colour of my hands and feet
I stand with pride that cannot hide beneath the melanin of my skin
Kissed with the blessing not a sin.

Do Not Copy or Reproduce !

Copyright owned: D.Cranston
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