“There will be two, one born to day and one to night. choose wisely as the moon speaks of death but who will be the one to take the last breath.”

There was a calm in the land of wood and water, a gentle breeze had eased the torrential riots that had ripped through the streets. It was law, they were slaves no more, freed and liberated they were able to earn just as the Masters had before them. There was no surprise as a mass revolt fought for fair terms in the heat of the sweltering sun they had all seen coming. Most plantations owners were packing up and disserting the beautiful island they had once call home but all that didnt matter much to Sally she left the politics to Winsome. Tonight was special night for her. In a few hours new life would breathe from old, and her baby would be born from her flesh, out of love. Rubbing her aching stomach Sally pushed her way through the fields as the pain tore through her body once more.
Just a few more feet she pondered as she took the next step, grasping for air she stumbled an fell against the rugged earth and cried out. There was a slither of light that escaped the hut as Winsome descended the three uneven steps. Easing her arm under Sally she helped her inside and worked fast.
“We haven’t got much time. “ removing her white cotton dress and head wrap Winsome long braid fell to her waist. “Don’t just lay there take off your dress.” Sally whimpered.

The small hut had been constructed on the out skirts of the land , only the tip visible from the huge bay windows in the big house. The air inside was thick, the moon high as a smooth breeze of wind carried the howls of childbirth to the big house. It stood tall against the sky with white columns that lined the veranda. It was a grand entrance for a grand man. Although Master Thomas the original constructor had long since died the house would live on for generations. Thomas the third had acquire the plantation in his twenties, as well as inheriting an admiration for the darker complexion under the still of the night. It was such a night he would strode from the big house down the dirt trodden path to the comforts of Sally’s arms.
There was no comfort for Sally under the dim light of the second burning candle that had almost but burnt out. It was too far to the next occupied hut for a dose of oil for the old lamp so Kitty worked faster. Sweat pored off her brow as she wet and wrung the rag to dampness and pushed it firmly beneath her. As the baby head eased from the smallest place and her screams tore through the hut like thunder Kitty shook her head.
“Scream all yuh want, wasn’t none ah dat when Master Tom was in here making this baby. You better pray she got a little sun to her skin otherwise everybody will know wha ah gwan inside here. “ she tutted.
wring the bloody towel out the hot water scolded her hands, no time to register baby as the baby slide out and breathed in life and the fresh misty air of the Caribbean.
“Ah wha.” Sally cried ,pain still niggling between her thighs.
“It’s a girl.”
“I think something’s wrong.” Sally squealed as pain continued to make her stomach spasm
“Ah wha.” Kitty frown as she rubbed the back of the wailing baby.
“I still need to push..”
“Jesus have mercy”




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