The stop stopped as did the world when my stomach twirled and I caught his eye.

Oh me, oh my.

I knew no language as the train eased to a stop drinking in the colour of his shoes to the colour of his eyes,

Oh me, oh my.

I glance at my image in the glass of the sliding doors. Thick hips, thick lips and the world on my shoulders. Lowering my eyes I whispered

Oh me , oh my.

One step at a time, it seemed like a lifetime as I gazed into his eyes,his own into mine.

Oh me,oh my.

A slight graze as the commuters craze, I feel him thinking or is it me. Not your average size or your average beauty

Oh my, oh me.

I walk on by, leaving the sight of him behind only to glance back and meet his eyes twinkling like mine.

Oh me , oh my.
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