She stared at me, I stared back.
Edging closer on the seat she place her bag on her lap
her hands on top, quite neat.
At first I didn’t reply
But she repeated herself with
“Heyyyy Sis, how you doing today?”
“I’m blessed.” I say with a smile “The bus, it has been a while.” I offered
She glance over my whole frame and shook her head
“I don’t know how you do it.” She said.
Kinda confused I don’t know what to say. “Pardon me!”
“You know.” She pointed and I looked to see
Nothing but air and space behind me.
She points to my hair, almost Unruly, pointing several directions in the air.
Well shined and picked into a perfect fro
“That natural stuff, I mean ain’t it hard to do.” I pursed my lips as she continued.
“Hard to comb, hard to get through. ” She rolled her eyes
I rolled mine too.
“So how you do it?” I thought carefully as the bus slowed down and came to a stop
Looking at her straight Peruvian weave laid on top.
“Its easy to do, easy to get through.” I paused.
“Its mine, undefined and grown from the root.” Shoot
“I’d rather my natural fro without all that mess.”
I pointed to her one hundred pound weave
I knew she had been deceived “See beauty is natural
It exsists deep within
It isn’t in a weave or in a tin
So really, I don’t know how you do it sister
Faking the funk
Under your weave smelling like a dead skunk.
I got the breeze in my fro
And a pick in my pocket
So you my beautiful sister should throw away that mess.
Be proud and put it to the test because being natural sister it’s the best.” Written by Wordberry

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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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