When The Wind Rushed
I breathed, new life into old dreams.
Hopes and desires, all the things I required.
In a small brown case, an a well greased face
I had whites gloves and a hat to match, A small waist with a little baby fat
But I was on my way, to the MotherLand I say

When the Wind Rushed I breathed, grey clouds and fog
Signs that said words like nig nog
Not understanding this foreign land, education was the plan
Building blocks of life,On upon the other it was quite
A change
It was so clear, so plain
To see, that although the Wind Rushed
And I breathed, the motherland wasn’t ready for me…

Written By Wordberry


#Poetry #windrush #genaration #rasict #life #love #hope #words #motherland #lovewords #write #readers #wordswithimagery #wordberry #evablessed #wordberrywrites


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Word Berry

I'm beautifully me...all my imperfections and accomplishments make me...

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