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Love had gotten tired of being a prison wife to Fredrick years ago. Doing a twenty year bid she had tried to keep her legs shut and her eyes closed but it was impossible. She had never expected love to live so close to home but the moment Jerome had slid into her DMs she had researched his profile and screnshotted five images. Reconigtion hadn’t registered until he stood on her doorstep but it was too late she was already hooked.

Three years in she still kept up her monthly visits and topping up Fredricks book but her mind,body and soul had a new owner. At first she was okay with the secrecy and the spontaneous session of hot and lustful love. She had tried to keep her feelings at bay knowing Fredrick had held her down and to this day she still lived off his rep. But she had made a desicion to live for today and not tomorrow; that included Jerome.

He had called almost six waited four days, six hours and forty three minutes ago saying he was on his way but the clock was still ticking and there was no sign of Jerome. Her heart had danced when he stold her had finally packed his stuff and left Marie. There was no doubt in her mind her home was now his castle. Two years she had been the side chick now it was her chance to be the right wifey. Everything was prepared, the food , the bed and her freshly wax Kat on air and ready to purr. Holding the phone in her palm she flipped it twice before giving into reparation and dialling.

“Your call has been forwarded to the EE Voicemail Service.” Kissing her teeth she cursed his name and repented seconds after.

“Where are you Jerome?”


“Rome, baby.” Yen cried out as her walls clutched, her heart fluttered and his body pulsed inside her.

“Say my name again Marie!.” He ordered as he applied pressure to his stroke.

“Rome……….” Holding a note she shuddered as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he buckled on a heap on top of her.

Pushing him off gently she slid off the bed and stood at the foot pouting.

“What is it?”

“You called me Marie.” She whined.

Pulling on his boxers he lowered his gaze from her tearful one. Picking up his pants he removed his phone, scanned the screen and shook his head.


“That’s it…Sorry!”

Pulling his shirt over his head he shrugged. “That’s all I got, really.”

“Don’t come back here Jerome.” She sighed softly before continuing “You won’t understand in till someone you love fucks with your heart. ”

He looked up with a smile she use to love and laughed. “You know you love me,Yen. Let’s not play this game.”

“Actually I don’t and the only person playing a game here is me.” Pointing to the corner of the room she smiled as his eyes followed her direction to the blinking light.


Seven hours and twelve minutes she no longer had the plate on the table or her naked body exposed instead she rested on the sofa in a brown onesie with a comforter. Light’s shone in the window as a car slid up the drive. Rushing to the door she almost forgot her unattractive attire halting in the hallway she stripped her body clean of garments before adjusting strands of her hair. Taking a deep breath she opened the door looked into Fredricks eyes and fainted………


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