Dirty Diamonds Part 2

The place reeked and her skin itched at the sight of the dust and unruly cobwebs. Covering her nose Kya watched him sleep gratefully, but the more he shifted and twitched the more nervous she became. No one had prepared her for this.

The small one bedroom flat had been badly neglected and in a state of major distress. Afraid to touch anything she picked up the picture one more time dissecting the faces, the time and the place. There was nothing she could pinpoint apart from the subtle difference between herself and her sister. Leroy had the biggest grin holding her in his arms beside their mother who held Taye in a similar fashion.
“Where are you?” she mumbled.
Every day wothout Taye was gettung harder. It had been four years since she had heard from her twin sister and it was so unusual she could only feel fear. For months she had been searching for clues to their history and suddenly she was here with a brother she had only recently found out existed. Yet all signs of her sister had disappeared and the same ease had not been applied in her finding. Tucking the picture in her pocket she suddenly felt overwhelmed. Stepping over the plastic wrappers and half filled bottles of yellow liquid she could only assume was urine she paused in thought before reaching out for the front door handle.
“Where you going.” He asked, stopping her in her tracks.
Turning to face him he looked less erratic as he rubbed the kinks of sleep out of his shoulder.
“Sorry if I scared you.” He said sheepishly.
“You didn’t.”
He chuckled exposing a missing tooth. “Where’s the other one?”
She edged closer noticing the similarities between the small dark spot above his collar bone his question lost in the breeze.
“Stop staring at me like that your freaking me out.” Kya raised her eyebrows and Leroy steeped back. “Crack heads got feelings too!”
She held back her laughter and recovered her disgust as he picked up the green pipe. His eyes met hers daring her to speak. Across the room biting her tongue Kya stayed quiet.
“What happened to you.”
Leroy shook his head,his eyes turning to slits. “What the fuck do you want.” He spat as he searched the mess for a lighter.
“I just want to know where I’m from. The truth.”
“Nothing but the truth.” He mocked.
Patience worn thin and the smell to much to bear she opened the front door and inhaled.
“I dont know what happened to you but being abandoned in a bin as a baby was not roses for us. It’s taken me months to find you and look what I find.”she tutted. “I thought I would meet my brother someone who could tell me where I come from. Tell us who left us all this money and why we can never tell the world our real names.”
He sparked the flame and inhaled as the words sliced through his flesh like a garlic covered blade burning its way to his soul. Blocking her out with a deep inhale he held onto the thick grey haze for a few seconds longer. Kya continued talking oblivious that he had long since dismissed her.
“I left my number on the table and a fifty pound note if you want to talk call me.”Stepping over the threshold she turned back spitting her last words with venom. “ And do the world a favour, bathe.” Slamming the door shut she released the tears that had been building in silence.
Inside the flat Leroy lay his pipe on the table. A day like this had haunted him but the actual day had been a blur. He had no idea which one he was speaking too all he knew was if she had found him, he wasn’t safe anymore. Crack had been his way out of a world that had failed him. Leroy did not exist in his Crack fuelled brain. As a matter of fact Leroy had died years ago. Sorting through a pile of papers by his bed he grasped the black note book and opened it on the second page. The account numbers had been carefully printed and beautifully spaced. Rubbing his fingers tips across his handwriting he sighed, if the twins knew what doors would open if the world knew they lived they would stop searching. Tucking the black book back under the pile of papers he made a decision, he wasn’t running anymore. Diamond had destroyed his family, murdered his mother and pushed him along the path of destruction. Rushing back to the kitchen he picked up the paper and raced to the phone box if he was going to start a war he needed all the soldiers

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