Dirty Diamonds Part 1

He hadn’t eaten in days but that didn’t matter, all that mattered was the tiny white rock. That and only that would elevate home back into a space he could fly in. For weeks the hair on his head had matted into huge chunks of hair of an unruly nature. That wasn’t the only unruly thing about him. No water had touched his skin in at least a week and the smell omitting from his body was off putting, even to him. That was not important now though as he strode closer and closer on in hope of reaching the best high ever. The heat beat on top of his head as the high noon sun reached its peak. On the outskirts of the estate he reached the border line and rested on a step for a while. The heat was hot and the air so thick, taking a deep breath he inhaled his own scent and winced.

Twenty minutes had past before Shepard pulled up in a smart mercedes his face freshly trimmed and greased, eyeng Leroy with suspiscion he scoped the area and stepped out of the car ready to distribute his wears. Surveying the area he stepped out into the road and crossed it gracefully. Standing still he was a good six foot and bulky, quite handsome with chocolate coloured skin. Some say he had the air of a jauguar, silent until ready to pounce.

“My youth what water do yuh.” He sniffed as the odour tickled his nose.

Leroy scratched his head and held out his crumbled notes. Taking the offering Shepherd dropped the rocks in his hand and chuckled.
“Everytime I see you I’m reminded of someone.”

Leroy nodded he had heard it before, the only person he saw in the mirror was a dead version of himself. Walking away he left Shepherd standing contemplating how a man could look like so much like his own father. Brushing his clothes free of invisible dirt he stepped out into the road and walked towards his car.

Leroy had already disappeared, hurrying through the large estate with purpose. Stumbling he continued walking along the path jabbering to himself.

“The one that leads the sheep.” He mumbled.
Finally he had made it but the pain was getting stronger. Bursting through the door he scrambling through the dirt and scattered rubbish on the table before his fingers grazed the magic stick. His body involuntarily shuddered with joy. Removing his coat he sat down and loaded his pipe with haste and precision, putting ts mouth to his he lit the flame and waited for the clouds.

Outside the front door Kya waited until the man had been inside a few minutes before heading to towards the broken door. Somehow she wanted to be wrong, this wasn’t her brother. Looking down at the piece of paper her heart told her different. She battled between choices and judgements as she folded the paper and returned it too her pocket. Even though she didn’t want to believe she was family to his kind the likelihood was 99%. Kya was no stranger to the streets and she herself had done a lot of dirt to get the information at hand and now she needed to use it. Something thudded on the inside, cocking her ears to the door she could hear movement. Banging the door heavily she waited for an answer.

Leroy shuffled to the door his eyes glazed an heavy, opening the door he slammed it but he was to late.
“Leroy. Are you Leroy James?” She asked

Leroys heart raced, his palms sweated.
“This an illusion, its not real. ” he cried out.

Closing his eyes he wanted a prayer but nothing came to mind.
“Leroy James, right.” Kya repeated her face a mass of concern and confusion.

Placing his hands over his ears Leroy hummed a tune hopping from foot to foot. Looking around the dishevelled flat Kya shook her head and her heart skipped a beat. Picking up the pipe she looked at the pieces of her older brother and shook her head.
“Crack my brother is wack.”
Leroy stopped humming and looked at the mirage in front of him, edging closer he reached out a hand which she quickly swatted away.
“Brudda you aint bathe in months dont you dare touch me. ” Leroy stepped back at the familiarity of his mothers bark.

Walking across the room he took the only picture in the house off the mantle piece and handed it to her. Rubbing the dirt off with her sleeve she looked down into a face similar to her own. There were four of them, Leroy, Kya, Taye and a woman that could only be their mother. The similarities were uncanny.

“Mum.” Dropping to his knees Leroy clasped his hands together and wailed.

Forgeting his dirty habit and the phyiscial dirt she helped him up off the floor and hugged him close. Leroy was the way to the truth and the key to her history.

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