Half of Me


Breakfast: Oversized Crisps and A Lucazade

Tonight I had hoped for something different. You see, it didnt matter whether ot was a good day or a bad one every morning was repetative. I had tried to keep my eyes open avoiding sleep at all cost but slowly my eyes closed at the beautiful land of slumber became my worse nightmare.

This was no joke.

Every night I had the same dream.

Suddenly I was in the middle of a supermarket were people moved quickly holding their noses and diverting their eyes. At this point I knew it was me they were avoiding but I kept walking as my mind ticked mentally processing the fact that I was the  naked woman parading around the store with ease. Even so she, me, I put one step before the other and pushed the trolley aimlessly around the supermarket my mind far from what was for dinner. Stopping midway I picked up the cereal on offer and kept it moving nodding at the man with his mouth agape.
“What the fuck you looking at.” I scolded as his eyebrow raised and his mouth smiled.”Move.”
Instanly he scooted to the left he abandoned the aisle and left me standing there. I was watching it all happen from outside as her face dropped. Looking down at my, her feet she prayed she hadn’t done it again. Her hand clasped together,her eyes scrunched shut as she uttered the only prayer she remembered. It didnt waork. She would look down now and figure ot all out. She stared at her toes as they wiggled, her etes travelling upwards noticing her bare knees. It was her stomach next protruding in front of her covering her modest while her breast lay onto of her stomach with her , her nipples staring at the floor.
“Oh my god.” She whimpered.
Picking up the cereal she tried to cover herself  but it wasn’t working. Sweat formed in her pores and tears filled the brim of her eyes slowly rolling down her flushed cheeks.
“Excuse me Miss, you need to leave.”the security guard ordered.
Taking a deep breath she snorted and opened my eyes.
“Every damn time.” I cursed.
It had been four weeks and three nights in a row and counting. This was all Skys fault for convincing her to do the stupid test in the first place. The doctor had prodded and poked, weighed and then slayed. He had awoken a demon, a fat shaming demon that haunted my sleep and each morning I woke up a few pounds lighter after the sweat of mental excursion had completed its circuit. Draping my dressing gown around my frame I attempted to tie the tiny pieces of rope together and gave up.
“Fuck you Doctor Patel.” I muttered with hatred.
Making my way to my favourite place I stared at the fridge lovingly and imagined what I could whip up in the hour I had before my first client. Refraining from temptation I pushed opened the bathroom door and came face to face with my biggest enemy.
“Good morning Mirror what you got to show me today.”
It didn’t matter how hard I stared it was always the same only the doctor gave it a name.


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