My G…….#Bkchat

Well it was a heavy start to the week but I must admit I have just endured and episode of Bkchat and my has it ejected humour into the week.

Each week the topics get more and more outrageous, in a good way and I enjoy the cast banter. Must admit Lucas is very animated but secretly wouldn’t have him any other way.

The topic was quite 😲 but like everything great you have to take on taboo subjects and feature topics that others are not talking about. I enjoy the thesis of the show and hope they do another season. But #sipstea : saw somewhere they may be moving to the states…😲…so long as its on all media platforms I can assess more power to them.)

There are many different personalities and opinons that contribute to the dynamics of the show. However each week it has changed as different cast members have been featured weekly. These new additions each brought something new to the table. Even though, I wasnt feeling the change in the beginning I am here for it!!

Its a waiting game for the reunion …🤳

This week the topic switch tmfrom extra scents in the lower region to intercourse on your ……lets say reds…I must say iI was 🤢 but the reactions….Tweeters didnt hold back either and twitter has gone mad as usual and here are some of my favorite tweets..(Not sure how to connect my twitter to this yet..Be patient…)



Check them out for yourself ..If you have not seen it you will watch it…enjoy…

All cast members and the founder himself are on twitter just type in #Bkchat hit the people button and connect…

Heres a few to get you started:





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                   Eva Blessed @hotasulike

For now my people

Stay 4

Eva Blessed ❤

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